Starrow Moderators

Timothy Richardson
- This person is the maker of starrow, and has the highest rank command over erveryone and everything in the website.
He can view messages and permenly ban you if they are inappropriate!
To view the Terms of use, click the TOU page!

Ryan Hulme  - Command is allowed from this person on other moderators and members of starrow, and is trusted to tell the truth and report people to the owner if they do not apply to the Terms of use, so the administrator/owner can permenly ban them, with law!

Alex Zuk- Don't mess with this Moderator he has command over mods that are dumped below him and he is very active in the chat, he can ban kick with his rights!

Reece Molyuenx
- Second in command over mods, this person still has higher control over moderators, other than Ryan Hulme, Alex Zuk and the site administrator/ Timothy Richardson.

Curtis Heaton - This person is a high ranked moderator and takes part in The starrow creation EG: Making a Starrow intro slide show.
Which will be templerley Untill a new one is made by the site admin/owner.
This Person is a higher then other mods then the following, Ryan Hulme, Timothy Richardson/owner and Mogzmaniac.

- She has A high rank of a moderator and is more advanced than any other moderator under her name, but not that lurk above her...

BlockBuilder - This is a high ranked moderator.

Essence - This person is a high ranked moderator.

Anchored - This person is a high ranked moderator.

Emily Dolan - This perosn is a know moderator of Starrow.

- This Person is a moderator.

Metriodplasma - This Person is a moderator.

Summer - This Person is a moderator.

Supermans - This Person is a moderator.

Girll - This Person is a moderator.

(If you ask to become a moderator, it weekens you're chance of becoming one!
Show that you have the responcerbility and mature to take this powerfull persition!)