Terms Of Use.

The Terms Of Use, Know as TOU Is Starrows Number one rule.
Terms of use, means the exspecations from you, to our staff and other members of the site.
The Terms of use are most important and the rules should already be known, although somone as mature as you guys, to handle a great responcerbility should all ready know!

But nevermind im always ready, to, re-write, this GOODY-GOODY two shoes stuff.
All over again...

If you have any questions, please do, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and send me a email about you're tight struggles getting along in Starrow!
Easily report foul people,that do not respect the TOU. (Terms of use)
And they will be dealt with personaly.
But remember when doing this, to always speak the truth.
Making a innocent person, be punished is hard to view, so make sure this is completely truthfull!
I trust you're responsibilty.

The terms of use, are strictly in control,To help make Starrow a better community for all.
To keep this website universal we would need to make things much more easier and less grown up.
But this is also rated to be a PG-13, that needs you're parents approval, if you are under the age that is registered.
If you're parents forbid you to be using this website, let that be there wish.
But as i was saying that may be a better option even though Starrow is heavy secured.

No Sexual Abuse is allowed on this site and is more than inappropriate.
Those that do this would be banned and maybe for ever!
But this is a higher case and is more than major.

Although there are smaller warning than this, like spamming once, or Speeking in capitals to try and flood up the chatroom, or maybe over sizing and abusing the writting front.

To view, how the Punishment chain goes.
Go to section 2


Section 1 Are you getting abused or is somone disrespectful to the TOU.

If this disaster tends to happen, be more than free to report it the the moderators or the owner.
You can find them online maybe on the chatroom, if not report this tot he report link at the bottom of the page.
This will be dealt with.
But If this carrys on, futher action will be taken!

If you'd like this to be tooken seriously it's always better to make a good report.
But somtimes they will be read anyway.
But making a good speach will drive our attention.
And will give a better chance.


Section 2 The TOU punishment.

First, if you are ignoring the TOU and making a small dint.
Like spamming, or using capitals again and again.
You will nicely be asked to read, the Terms of use, and reminded of what the rules are!

Secondly, if you react this you will be given a warning.
You will be kicked out of the chatroom and asked to read the TOU again!
But if you are doing this in other places you will be asked to read the TOU but not forced to.

This comes to more serious action, when we have enough, and begin to get annoyed.
So we will ban you from the chatroom for one hour hoping that you will calm down...
If you are not using the chatroom you will be driven to speek with a staff/moderator to investiagte what's going on.
But you aint primary school children being told off in a playground.
Well some of you are...
So this will happen rarley.

Now, you will be removed from the chat/banned for 24 hours unless we decide to let you off...
This can go from nothing to this straigh away, it depends what you do!
But like abusing, or inappropriate languge, that is completely foul.

You will be banned completely.
Untill you are forced to send a message to help.
And get you're acount unbanned.
This will be ignored, for a week.

Perm banned, if this happens, it goes to show that you have no control over you're self to speek nicely or respect
the TOU in anyway.
You will never return and be casted away...
It may be Harsh but somone as insulting as this deserves a punishment so crule.


Section 3 The rules.

The rules have been said and said again.
But this section clearly explains what's good and what's not!

NOT allowed.

Sexual Abuse.
Spamming/flooding the chatroom.
Spamming/floosing the Blog.
Sending inappropriate messages, or topics.
Swearing, or insulting another person to make them feel bad.

(What really troubles me is that, all the bad things start with S) O.o

But they are the rules!

People that do not respect the Terms of use.
Report here!
Be sure to add the persons name, and what they have done!
And maybe the email if it's that serious!




Post below if you need help, or do not understand what im talking about.
And hopfully a reply will be waiting for you in you're emails.
Also it would be helpfull, if you spoted my spelling mistakes, that would be really helpfull.
And you'll get a tap on the back by the owner!

Do not contact and complain about diffrent things in the report contact forum or in the help.
Asking to be a moderator will get you no were and norrow down the chance of you becoming one.

Visit the Help page for info you will need!

    Contact help!